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Brackets, Agriculture Parts & Gates

Post Support Bracates & Agriculture Products/Transmission/IT Communication Towers

Besides Tower Manufacturing Division, Nexo Industries Private Limited have ventured to become the fabrication manufacturers for catering the requirement of Agriculture Industries, Fencing Industries, Cable Containment Systems and Road Safety, etc. We have developed into a global suppliers of high quality products and services to a wind range of industries. Nexo has been surrounded over 90000 sq. meter. We produce high quality, cost-effective Products as per specific need of the customers. We are already supplying these industries in Europe, U.S.A, Australia & New Zealand.


  • In-house manufacturing (Raw Material in-Finish Goods out).
  • In-house Hot Dip Galvanizing.
  • In-house Material Testing Facilities.
  • Production Capacity 1000 ton Per Month.
  • Galvanizing Bath for these gates Length 7 meter & 2 meter deep.


  • Fencing (Gates with Mesh, Farm Gates, Pedestrian End, Sheep Hurdles and Accessories).
  • Post Support Brackets for Wood & Timber Construction.
  • Pallets for Stocking Gates.
  • Wood Connectors.
  • Angle Brackets.
  • Strut Brackets & Strut Channels.
  • Cantilever Brackets.
  • Fish tail for Road Safety Barriers.
  • Standard Corrugated Beam.
  • External Corner & Internal Corner for (Beam From Car Standard Barrier).
  • Fabricated items as per Drawing or Samples.
  • Cable Ladders.
  • Cubicles.
  • Scaffolding & Parts.