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For Fasteners Division

From its experience of about 46 year, Nexo has gained a clear insight at the particular and precision needs of its customer in power Transmission, Tele-communication, railway and road saifty sectors, with single target of TQM ahead. Nexo has the most advanced High Temperature Hot Dip Galvanizing Ceramic Bath Furnace for accurate and smooth coating We have a sharp edge over our competitors in our in-house production line, Such as : –


Nexo has round 70 bolt forming machines Ranging form M5 to M36

Nexo is equipped with Multi Station Forming Machines  like NEDSCHROEF, HATERUR , National for high production at close tolerance, we achieve a better fatigue resistance with fillet radius and roll-formed ( Cold process ) threads with its smoothly blended reduced root thread run out.

Nexo has around 40 nuts forming machines Ranging from M5 to M24

Nexo is Equipped with Multi-Station forming Machines like San-Shing, T.K. Ware , National etc.


Hot forging further facilitates us to produce even bigger dia ( M30 to M80) and of longer length (300 mm). Special Bigger heads are forged by hot forging process.


A good start at the scratch is  always a good finish at the end. Rolled thread , is the ultimate solution to get more Strength and Fatigue upto 20%, due to uniform grain flow and unbroken fiber lines. Nexo has high quality rolling Machine which helps to control proper gauging. Nexo has cold rolling M5 to M30.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Nexo has 6 ceramic furnaces with capacity of 100 to 125 tons per day. Nexo has special centrifuge system to get clean threads.

Zinc Plating Nexo has 3 ring plating lines with capacity of 1000 tons per month. Nexo has special zinc plating plant for Big size bolts.


we have two bell furnace to anneal any kind of raw material with total capacity of 12 tonnes per day.


we have four continuous on line heat treatment furnace with hardening, tempering, blacking and drying with a capacity of 50 tonnes per day.